Hey there! I’m Tom, also known sometimes as Pandamanana. (It’s a silly screen name I chose when I was in middle school, but now I keep it because it’s fun to hear people pronounce.) I’m a writer, video editor, and Youtuber. One day I decided to stop whining about not having my dream job and start showing I can do it until someone decides to pay me for it! Now I have ten years of experience making videos on the internet, three years writing about video games and nerdom, and a few podcasts under my belt. Who said a Philosophy degree would be useless?

Although I’m currently employed as a writer and social media monkey, my dream gig involves combining my two greatest passions, writing and video games/board games/card games/movies/TV shows. I’m going to keep on posting blog posts, Youtube videos, and podcasts until I can make that dream a reality.

Feel free to follow me or contact me on any of the social media sites that I waste my precious time on:




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