Raigon, the Exiled Prince Champion Overview

Raigon, the Exiled Prince, is the newest addition to Battlerite’s roster of playable champions. At first blush, I’d say that Raigon focuses on using his mobility and crowd control to dance around his opponents and chip away at them, rather than doing heavy amounts of spike damage. Unlike the rest of the available heroes, Raigon takes a clear inspiration from the anime-styled character design of games like League of Legends, rather than the tribal aesthetics that the rest of the game generally relies on. That combined with his goofy name may turn some players off, but you shouldn’t let that get to you because underneath his silly headband and over-exaggerated animations, Raigon is a very interesting champion to play. If you’d like to learn more about my first impressions of the new champion, check out my latest video after the jump.

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