No Director’s Cut Planned for Warcraft: The Beginning


My biggest issue with this summer’s release of Warcraft: the Beginning was the film’s pacing. I felt it was cut down to 2 hours to appeal to a normal theater-going crowd, but would be greatly improved with a director’s cut. Sadly, it looks like we may not get one.

Duncan Jones, the film’s director, tweeted that there are no plans to release a Director’s Cut of Warcraft, but that there might be a chance for an Extended Cut. Obviously, I’d prefer a Director’s Cut, considering what could have been done to fix the film’s pacing issues, but I’ll settle for an Extended Cut if that’s all I can get my grubby little hands on.

Currently, the film sits at approximately 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, but with record-breaking box office sales in China, I suspect there will be a loud outcry from fans if the DVD and BluRay releases are limited to the Theatrical Cut. What do you think? Will an Extended Cut suffice for die-hard fans of the Warcraft series? Personally, I’m waiting for the home release to show Warcraft off to friends and family that don’t know anything about the fantasy world I’ve spent much of my adult life in. Here’s hoping that Jones gets the go-ahead to turn Warcraft: The Beginning from an alright popcorn flick into the fantasy epic it deserves to be.


One thought on “No Director’s Cut Planned for Warcraft: The Beginning

  1. I can’t understand the 30% Rotten Tomatoes rating — the movie is FAR better than critics are saying! I swear they just rate it low because it’s based on a video game and they aren’t giving it a fair shake. I had zero expectations when I went in and I ended up really enjoying the movie.

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