Top 5 of the Best Games with the Worst Fans


We’ve all played games that we’ve enjoyed but had to stop playing because of how insufferable their fans were. Before you ask, no. League of Legends does not deserve to be on this list. Shitty games with toxic communities are their own world entirely, but I’m here to talk about great games that are brought down by their fan bases.

World of Warcraft

Let’s get the easy ones out of the way quick, shall we? World of Warcraft has its problems, but is overall a charming MMORPG with a rich history of defining its genre. However, no matter what Blizzard does, they have to listen to their incredibly bitchy and argumentative fan base scream about how their game is ruined. The devs behind the biggest MMORPG in history are constantly competing with their game’s former glory, thanks to an audience that has one foot firmly in nostalgia and the other firmly rammed up their own ass.

Call of Duty

Another cheap shot here. Despite the fact that I haven’t played a Call of Duty since the original Black Ops, there’s a reason that its as successful as it is, namely that stupid people don’t know what they actually want. Not only have Call of Duty fans defined what being an ignorant douche over VOIP sounds like, but they constantly bitch at their favorite game’s developers over how awful the game they’ve spent the last 6 months hyping is only a week after its release. Like World of Warcraft, COD fans yearn to relive the days of Modern Warfare’s golden years, yet demand something new at the same time. This vicious cycle has created one of the most popular gaming franchises, that also happens to have the most butt hurt community I’ve ever seen.

Grand Theft Auto

There are very few games as successful as GTA that continually insult their own fans. This is by design, surprisingly, as the games both promote mindless violence and act as a beautiful piece of satirical art aimed at the kinds of dolts that revel in the misfortune of others. GTA 5 even has a main character that exhibits all of the qualities of the average GTA fan, yet has thrived as one of the most financially successful pieces of entertainment in the world. Obviously, art is highly subjective and I’m hardly justified to insult people for not getting the joke, but the fact that young children and braindead asshats are the most vocal to sing GTA’s praise worries me.



Let’s get a little more topical with this one. Undertale is one of the most popular indie games of 2015 for good reason. It’s a fantastic RPG that calls back to the humor and atmosphere of the Mother series, but it has also attracted a large group of weirdos that won’t shut the fuck up about it. Yes, Undertale is good, but it’s not the second coming of Christ. In fact, it has a lot of problems, namely that so many people think it’s appropriate to draw pornographic artwork about an anthropomorphic cow that acts as a mother figure to the protagonist and a skeleton that only speaks in the most annoying font. I actively had to fight against my dislike of Undertale’s fan base when deciding to purchase the game, but in the end, good games conquer over even the worst internet denizens.


The main things that separates Undertale and Portal’s fanbases are their catchphrases and scope. Undertale fans are annoying, but at least they’re holed up in their mothers’ basements and I can actively ignore them. Portal fans were EVERYWHERE after its release. They didn’t just exist in weird internet forums; they were my friends at school, strangers at the super market, and people I once respected. What’s worse is how vocal they were. All of sudden, everyone thought it was appropriate to remind everyone else that the cake is a lie. Although the Companion Cube and Undertale’s Toriel both suffered at the hands of crafty internet types, at least plush dolls are easier to destroy than cultural phenomenons.



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