Top 10 Cards from Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament

10. Dreadscale




I may completely out of the loop, but I’ve constantly been attempting to make control Hunter work. Luckily, it seems like Blizzard is looking to make this deck more viable with additions like Dreadscale. This card is like a mini Baron, and helps clear out pesky 1 health minions. Dreadscale in conjunction with Release the Hounds is a very expensive Consecrate, but I’d still be very interested in making this card work.




9. Justicar Trueheart


When The Grand Tournament was released, I was worried that Blizzard would be lowering the overall power level of the set to help balance out the power creep of Goblins & Gnomes and Blackrock Mountain. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your point of view), this is not necessarily the case. Justicar is a very powerful card in control and midrange decks of almost any class. Hero Powers are at the core of how Hearthstone plays, and spells that can alter them are bound to be very interesting. Justicar may only make your Hero Power add 4 armor instead of 2, but that’s twice as good, despite being not that flashy. This knight is already taking her place among the top echelon of TGT cards.

8. Dreadsteed




Goodbye, Grim Patron. Hello Dreadsteed. This pretty pony may cost 4 mana, but she’s one of those sticky creatures that makes your opponent concede in frustration. If you’re curious just how silly it can get, check out Krip’s latest video on the card’s potential. My only gripe with the card is the long and, frankly, stupid looking Deathrattle animation.


7. Kodorider




Talking about sticky creatures, Kodorider is one of my favorite new cards for arena. A 3/5 may not seem like much, especially for 6 mana, but combine it with a few Hero Power activations and you get a swarm of angry cows. I love the inspire mechanic, and I think that this card perfectly exemplifies it’s design potential.

6. Mukla’s Champion




Guerrillas don’t make the best knights, it seems, but they do make beastly commanders. I love playing weenie decks, and Mukla’s Champion gives me a way to permanently turn my 1/1’s into slightly bigger 2/2’s! I think of this guy as a 7 drop 4/3 that gives everyone a +1/+1 counter, but sometimes he gives them +3/+3, depending on whether my opponent concedes first or not.



5. Tuskarr Totemic





Do you love value? Good. Get in line. Tuskarr Totemic is a very busy walrus, always putting totems onto the field. Yes, this guy could give you a shitty 1/1, but that’s still worth a 4/3 for 3 mana. At best, Tuskarr Totemic gives you the 2/4 totem creature. That’s some Great Value©.


4. Living Roots




Remember when I said I like playing weenie decks? This card is my new favorite toy. Do you want a Smite or two 1/1’s? Welcome to the Druid club, where the rules don’t make sense and the points don’t matter. Wrath may be better, but Living Roots is the much sexier of the two.



3. Darnassas Aspirant




Ramp on a stick? At worst, it’s a solid creature that gives you a little bit of ramp for a turn before it dies. At best, it’s a very silly card to combo with bounce spells to ramp like crazy. This little knight is exactly what every Druid deck needs.


2. Buccaneer




When I first saw this card, I immediately thought it was shit, because it was a Pirate and Pirates are shit. Luckily, I finally read the card and realized that it’s actually bonkers. Yes, it’s a 2/1 for 1, which are notoriously not that great, but it can have an immediate effect later on in the game and, when left unchecked, can end up dealing a ton of damage.



1. Varian Wrynn




I know Varian isn’t Hearthstone’s Bloodbraid Elf, but I’m just glad it exists. If Dreadscale is any indication, we only have to wait for two more expansion packs for Blizzard to print a 4 drop 3/3 that has a smaller version of the same effect. For now, we can have fun playing with this card as a win condition, but I don’t think it’s actually as good as I want it to be. Is that going to stop me? No, but still.



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