Grim Patron Nerfs – Hearthstone Balance Patch Incoming


If you’ve played any Hearthstone since the release of the Blackrock Mountain expansion, you’re probably familiar with the infamous Grim Patron Warrior deck. The combo of Grim Patron with Warsong Commander became one of Hearthstone’s most popular synergies, despite the fact that Frothing Berserker and Warsong Commander work in a very similar fashion. For the uninitiated, Warsong Commander’s effect triggers whenever the player casts a minion card with an attack of 3 or less. The deck revolves around playing minions that either spawn other minions whenever they take damage or have increased attack whenever another minion takes damage, and then playing spells that deal a small amount of damage to all minions on the field.

With their convention, Blizzcon, on the horizon, Blizzard has chosen to announce that the Grim Patron deck is getting a significant nerf. Warsong Commander is being changed so that she no longer gives friendly minions charge, but rather gives friendly minions with charge +1 attack. This is particularly interesting, because Warsong never seemed like a problem before Grim Patron’s release in the Blackrock expansion. Nerfing a combo-starter rather than the individual pieces to a combo is common practice in collectible card game design, but Warsong’s demise 400px-Grim_Patron_artbrings up questions about the Warrior’s future in Hearthstone. First of all, changing Warsong allows Blizzard a lot more room for designing cards with an attack of 3 or less without worrying about breaking the game. If they decided to nerf Grim Patron instead, they may be doomed to repeat their mistake again with another new card. Also, Warsong’s new form seems to promote aggro-Warrior, a deck that, while currently supported by other cards, doesn’t fall in line with the pattern of other Warrior decks being very slow and turtle-y. This may be a primary reason for the change, as Blizzard wants to see a more diverse range of decks for each class, but it may simply mean the death of Warsong Commander as a viable card.

Only time will tell, but I am excited to see what decks will fill the combo-deck void that Patron Warrior is leaving behind. I liked how the deck played, but understood just how toxic it was to the overall game. What do you think about this change? Do you think Warsong or Patron will be worth playing now in any other decks? Let us know in the comments below.


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