Indie Fighter Rivals of Aether Releases on Steam Early Access


With Skullgirls 2nd Encore coming to completion and the successful funding of other indie fighting game projects like Combat Core, 2015 is turning out to be the year of indie fighters. Now up to bat is Rivals of Aether, a 2D fighting game that borrows heavily from the Smash Bros. series. It’s a five button fighter, with normal attack, strong attack, special, jump and dodge buttons. Directions on the joystick determine which type of attack comes out, rather than having complex stick notations like more traditional fighting games. There are currently 6 characters and only a few stages, but Rivals of Aether plays like a dream and is incredibly engaging from start to finish.

This isn’t just your average knock-off though; Rivals of Aether is a well thought out and designed fighting game with beautiful graphics and distinct characters, each following a familiar theme with a touch of unique flair. If you’d like to see more RoA, check out my quick Character Breakdown video below:

(The video may not be finished processing when this is posted, but it will hopefully be soon.)


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