Simple Nerd “Life Hacks” For After Graduation

To those that don’t know me personally, I’m an incredibly laid-back guy. People have compared me to “The Dude” more frequently than I’m proud to admit, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to still get work done in between naps. Graduating from my university forced me to change my life style to keep up with work, but it wasn’t as drastic of a change as I predicted. Here are some simple life hacks to help get work done effectively, without necessarily becoming a suit.


1. Forward All Emails To Your Personal Email Address

If you’re anything like me, you don’t use email unless you have you. Sadly, most of the business world still relies on this service to communicate, and you may be forced to use email because of work. I have at least three main email addresses: one for my personal use, one for my internet brand, and one for my job, but I hate checking each one individually every morning. Instead, I forward all of my important email from my other addresses to the email that I use most frequently. This may not be the most elegant solution, but it’s worked fine for me thus far.  Just remember to reply to emails using the appropriate email address, so as to avoid sending out your personal email to business contacts.

2. Get A Whiteboard

There are tons of different ways to help organize your schedule, whether you use a phone app, google calendar, or a browser extension. Personally, I prefer the old-school method of writing things down. My whiteboard shows me what I have to do on any given day of the week, and what my overarching goals are at the moment. It also gives me room to leave myself encouraging notes, like “Get To Work!” or “Take Care Of Business.” Whatever scheduling procedure works for you, just remember to keep things up to date.


3. Schedule Your Computer To Shutdown

My sleeping schedule could be described best as a night owl trying desperately to be a morning person; I work late into the nights and then attempt to wake up early to catch the sunrise. My solution to this issue actually came about because of my Netflix addiction. I realized that my computer wouldn’t go to sleep because Netflix kept cycling to the next episode of whatever series I was watching, which left my computer on for hours after I fell asleep. To solve this, I scheduled a task on my computer to shutdown at a specific time, so that it would save electricity at night, but it ended up fixing my sleep schedule as well. Now, my computer shuts off at 1:00 a.m., which forces me to go to sleep and get my work done in the morning instead.

4. Create A Work Environment

My job involves me sitting at my computer for an extended period of time, which conflicts with my life style of sitting at my computer for an extended period of time. My problem is that I lose focus easily and get distracted from my work. My solution was to create an environment in which I could work without having to worry about going on Facebook or Twitter, while maintaining access to the other websites and software that I use for work. If telling yourself not to go on social media doesn’t work, try putting yourself in an environment that would make it difficult for you to get distracted. Personally, I use my tablet for writing, because it’s a pain to go from my Google Drive app to Facebook. The difference in effort between opening a new tab and opening a new application is enough to stop me from distracting myself with social media posts.

5. Google It

Let Me Google That For You has been a joke on the internet for a long time, but the underlying lesson is surprisingly sound advice. If I have a problem with work or a personal project, the first thing I do is google it. The internet may not always have an answer to your problems, but it will at least give you the inspiration to solve the problem yourself. Remember to bookmark useful websites to build up a portfolio of information ─ it’ll make your next google search much easier.


Thanks Captain Obvious

This may all sound like obvious advice, but my transition from college life to the real world was rough until I realized that I needed only change a few things to make my life easier. I’m still just as relaxed and laid back as I was at my university, but now I have the tools I need to get work done in between trips to the beach.


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