Summer Games Done Quick 2015 – A Superb Gaming Event For A Good Cause

Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) 2015 is starting this Sunday (7/26/2015), and I’m prepared to be more distracted from work than I’ve ever been. For the uninitiated, the Games Done Quick events are speed running events run twice a year that encourage speed-runners to congregate and celebrate their hobby for an entire week. This means twenty-four hours a day of games being played, and more often than not, broken to all hell for seven days. It would be completely unreasonable to suggest that you try to watch the livestreamed event from start to finish, considering it’s length, but keep an eye out for the livestream, and prepare time in your busy schedule to catch up on all of the recorded runs throughout the next few months.

The entire event is run to support Doctors Without Borders, so keep that in mind when considering whether you should donate. Each donation will also enter you into prize raffles, and will often be eligible to be put towards special donation incentives throughout the week-long event. The past few Games Done Quick events have raised close to one million dollars each, but there’s always more room for charity towards a good cause. If you love games, gaming and watching grown adults destroy childhood memories, then call off work and lock yourself in your room for SGDQ 2015.


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