Battle Fantasia – Revised Edition: First Impressions & Character Breakdowns


ArcSystemWorks released Battle Fantasia – Revised Edition on Steam on July 7th, 2015 to very mixed responses. Some were very happy to see the fantasy RPG inspired fighter on the PC, but others were upset that Battle Fantasia was chosen to be released over other games published by ArcSystemWorks. Battle Fantasia may not be a suitable replacement for Guilty Gear Xrd, but that’s not what it tries to be in the first place. What the Revised Edition does succeed in doing is showing off a great 2D fighter with beautiful 3D graphics and artwork to a whole new crowd of fighting game fans.

I decided that it would be best for the Battle Fantasia community to show, rather than tell, everyone how great the game is. Below is an excerpt from my livestream, where I recorded my first impressions of the game and went through each character in Training Mode to see how they work. If the game interests you, head on over to steam, where you can purchase Battle Fantasia – Revised Edition for approximately $15. If Battle Fantasia isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine as well, but remember that not being Guilty Gear isn’t a reasonable complaint to hold against other fighting games. The PC fighting game community could always use more games to play, despite how obscure or niche they may be.

If you’re looking to get into Battle Fantasia, but don’t know where to start for basic combos, check out my video on some simple combos and set ups:


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