Learning to Speedrun Torchlight 2 – #12HourSpeedrunChallenge


In a seemingly random spur of enthusiasm to help the speed running community, Golden decided to start an event on Twitch.tv to encourage speedrunners to take on new games. The rules were simple: each runner must play a game they’ve never run before and learn how to speed run the game and get a reasonable time within twelve hours. Although I’ve never speed run a game before, I always wanted to get into speed running. I’ve watched speedrunning events like Summer Games Done Quick and Awesome Games Done Quick for years now, but it wasn’t until July 3rd that I picked up a game to speed run myself.

My game of choice for the 12 Hour Speedrun Challenge was Torchlight 2, a game I’ve played extensively, but never at any sort of pace or with any specific strategy. Unfortunately for me, Torchlight 2 doesn’t have a very big speedrunning community, as most of the game’s tech was discovered very quickly after release and either completely ignored by the developers or patched into oblivion. My plan for attack for the 12 hour challenge was to utilize information from a thread on Speed Demos Archive from 2012 and 2013. This meant that a lot of my info was useless, like a vendor glitch that was patched out and a boss skip that was made incredibly¬†difficult. The strategy was to play as the Embermage and abuse the fact that Prismatic Bolt does a flat amount of damage of each element combined with the three passive bonuses to elemental damage available at level 14. This meant that I could deal a fair amount of damage to end game monsters with my character that was from ten to thirty levels too low. Having access to a teleport ability also helped movement through the game, but mana regeneration became a huge issue for the run.

Since I only had twelve hours to learn the game, I decided to split my time equally between learning and running. I spent six hours routing and training and the next six hours attempting to get a reasonable time for a run. My final run was pretty bad, but resulted in me beating the game in 3 hours and 11 minutes, which is almost an hour slower than the run that I was referencing from SDA. I’m proud that I entered a speedrunning event and completed a run for a new game within twelve hours, but I’m still going to train and practice to get a better time. I’ve recently done some testing to see which class would be most optimal, since the War Titan skip was changed significantly since 2013, but I’m hopeful that a solid run is still very possible.

If you’re interested in checking out my final fun of Torchlight 2, I compiled a playlist on Youtube.


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