Battle Fantasia: Revised Edition Coming to Steam

With Skullgirls 2nd Encore coming close to realization and Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm being released in 6 days, 2015 is looking to be the year of the PC fighting game community. Now Arc System Works has announced that their high fantasy inspired fighting game, Battle Fantasia, is getting an upgraded version for Steam. Although it didn’t have much of a competitive scene in the United States, Battle Fantastia stood out because of its beautiful art style and role-playing game themed mechanics, such as floating damage numbers and overly dramatic animations. Even if you don’t care about Battle Fantastia, this is another great example of how the PC FGC is growing.

urs-whiteSadly, not everything is sunshine and rainbows yet. The game will launch with upgraded graphics and additional features, but will also rely on a delay system for online play, rather than the much more popular roll-back system used in Skullgirls and GGPO. While this is inexcusable for games like Street Fighter 4 and Guilty Gear, the use of a delay system may be considered a feature by some, as it results in better looking visuals at the cost of choppier gameplay. If Arc System Works thinks that keeping the game pretty is more important than reliable combos and playability, then the competitive FGC will just have to ‘hold that’ and realize the fact that this may not be the most competitive fighting game on the market.

Despite the possibility of choppy netplay, I’m actually incredibly excited for the release of Battle Fantastia on Steam. Although I play Skullgirls because of how well it plays, regardless of how much I don’t like the game’s fan service, I feel that Battle Fantastia will be the opposite – the game looks so amazing that I’d probably play it no matter how it played. The art style is stunning and the character design is just quirky enough to be intriguing. There’s a young knight wielding what looks like a laser chainsaw, a huge fat dwarf, a rogue looking sharp shooter with a potato bag on his head and many more bizarre characters to fill out the roster. If you’re tired of same-y looking Japanese martial artists throwing fireballs at each other, you might want to give Battle Fantastia a try when it comes out on Steam on July 7th.


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