Demonic Pact – One Of The Most Interesting Cards In Magic


Magic Origins’ spoiler season is in full swing, but nothing that’s been revealed thus far has come as close to peaking my interest as the newly spoiled Demonic Pact. This black enchantment costs two black mana and two colorless {2BB} and has an effect that triggers at the beginning of your upkeep. Each time it triggers, you must choose one of four effects, with the caveat that you can’t choose an effect that has already been chosen. The four choices you have are as follows:CIXMPJMUAAQgFnG

  • Demonic Pact deals 4 damage to target creature or player and you gain 4 life.
  • Target opponent discards two cards.
  • Draw two cards.
  • You lose the game.

Holy crap! This card is so cool! Basically, at the beginning of each upkeep, you must choose one of three effects, removing the chosen effect from the list of possible effects, until “you lose the game” is your final choice. The game plan with Demonic Pact immediately becomes making the best use out of the three first choices, then trying to remove the enchantment before your fourth upkeep. If that was all the card offered, then it would be a cool spell at best, but once other effects are introduced, Demonic Pact gets a lot spicier. For example, casting Donate on Demonic Pact after you’ve exhausted the first three options does not reset those choices, leaving the targeted player with nothing but to lose the game.

Image (5)

Alternatively, there are a lot of sacrifice effects in black, leaving Demonic Pact players the option to sacrifice it before they’re too late. Once a work-around strategy is established, the question then becomes whether or not the effects on Demonic Pact are worth the effort. Drawing cards, forcing opponents to discard and dealing 4 damage are all very powerful effects, but only being able to choose an option that hasn’t been chosen already makes each choice matter even more. Your choice doesn’t just have to be correct for the upkeep that it triggers on, but also the correct choice for the next three upkeeps, since you can’t choose it again when it might be better suited. At the end of the day, Demonic Pact may be too much trouble for what it brings to the table, but in the mean time, players will have a lot of fun trying to get the most of this dicey enchantment.

Are you excited for Demonic Pact? Do you think it’s worth the effect needed to make it good?  Let me know in the comments section or on twitter or facebook.


2 thoughts on “Demonic Pact – One Of The Most Interesting Cards In Magic

  1. Do you think you can use the ‘target player discards two cards’ on yourself and have ‘demonic pact’ be one of the two cards you choose? Or would that just be too much of a stretch?

    • You could do that, but the Demonic Pact is already on the battlefield and you can only discard cards from your hand. The most reasonable combo I’ve heard is playing it with Starfield of Nyx: Nyx turns Demonic Pact into a 4/4 creature and then you use the “Deal 4 damage to target creature” effect to have Demonic Pact kill itself.

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