Heroes of the Storm Patch May 12, 2015 – A Step In The Right Direction

In its current state, Heroes of the Storm is not ready for an official launch. Luckily, Blizzard has released a new patch today that aims to resolve some of the issues the game currently has. While the patch notes are extensive, most of the important changes revolve around the replacement of old, boring talents on heroes like Diablo and the Elite Tauren Chieftain. The problem with Diablo and ETC’s talents were not that they were bad for gameplay, but, rather, that they were boring and completely not related to the characters themselves in any way. For example, Diablo used to have a talent that increased the healing done to him by a percentage. This makes sense, as he is a warrior who runs into fights to absorb damage, but it sticks out as a huge flavor failure, as Diablo doesn’t have anything to do with being healed or healing in general. Other changes include a large change to Gazlowe’s turrets and how many talents and spells deal with revealing cloaked Heroes. The last thing that stands out is that many heroes’ ability icons are either getting changed entirely or modified to better fit the overall aesthetic of the characters themselves.


While this new patch does not fix all of the problems with Heroes of the Storm, it does remedy many of the smaller issues with the game, making it shinier and more polished. Gameplay balance and bug fixing can be evened out through early release, but HOTS still needs a lot of work in terms of aesthetics to match the standards that Blizzard’s other games have established. New icons, new artwork and more interesting talents are great steps forward towards making Heroes a great Blizzard game, but attempting to fix Gazlowe’s turrets and Abathur’s back-dooring capabilities are great changes, too. Let’s just hope that the release of Kael’thas doesn’t break anything more than usual.


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