Top 10 Most Interesting Dragons of Tarkir Cards [Spoilers]

10. Impact Tremors

My first deck was a red/white human wienie deck based around the card Vigilante Justice. This, of course, means that I instantly fell in love with Impact Tremors when it was revealed. It’s common, meaning I can play it in Pauper, and costs 2 less than VJ, even though it is much worse in general. It aims itself towards a more aggro/burn strategy at {1R}, which is just fine by me. I could see this card being a lot of fun alongside Hordeling Outburst and Goblin Rabblemaster. I’m already brewing a really jenky white/red deck in my head and I can’t wait to see how it performs.

9. Silumgar’s Scorn

If I had couldn’t play white/red tokens, my second deck choice for an abandoned island scenario would be either blue/black or blue/white control. Silumgar’s Scorn is another example of Wizard’s of the Coast teasing their fan base by printing cards that are very similar to other famous cards in magic, with a small drawback. As long as you control a dragon or reveal a dragon from your hand, Silumgar’s Scorn becomes Counterspell. I could see this doing fairly well in blue/black decks that run Silgumar, the Drifting Death or even Blue/Red decks that run Stormbreath Dragon or Thunderbreak Regent. This may give players excuses to play some strange color combinations to get access to certain dragons worth revealing to Silumgar’s Scorn. Either way, the card is very interesting, to say the least.

8. Dragonlords of Tarkir

Although I’m sure that some will see more play than others, the Dragonlords of Tarkir are a very interesting bunch that may invade several different formats. The two I’m most looking into are Dragonlord Silumgar and Dragonlord Atarka. Silumgar allows players to pay {4UB} and get a dragon with a nice body and steal their opponents best creature or planeswalker. That’s pretty sweet! Atarka, on the other hand, is a flying 8/8 with trample that deals 5 damage as it enters the battlefield for {5GR}. Goodbye enemy planeswalker. Goodbye siege rhino. Say hello to Ms. Atarka (at least I think she’s female…) Both these dragons scream value and are begging to be played as finishers in blue/black and red/green decks.

7. Thunderbreak Regent

Another dragon that I think will see play is Thunderbreak Regent. Not only is it a solid card on its own, since it is a 4/4 flier for {2RR}, but it also protects both itself and other dragons you control. If a player wants to remove it, they’ll have to pay a hefty fine of 3 damage. That’s pretty nice. This guy and Stormbreath Dragon will become best friends, I’m sure of it. Either that or the Regent will find his place at the top of an aggro/burn curve, where the 3 damage will matter even more on turn four.

6.  The Dragonlord Commands

Just like the Dragonlords that issue them, the Dragonlord Commands are an interesting batch of rares that I’m sure will see play in some way or another. The question becomes which command in the cycle is best, as each offers so many different ways for it to be played. My money is on Atarka’s Command, as it only costs {RG} and allows for a lot of very attractive combinations for only two mana.

5. Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit

Remember when I said that I’m a white/red wienies player at heart? Anafenza has been reborn as my patron saint. The only problem is that her effect doesn’t trigger when tokens enter the battlefield, which makes sense, but still. Otherwise, she’s a great general for an army of one and two drops and combos great with the outlast lords from Khans of Tarkir. I’m really excited to see what players make of Anafenza.

4. Commune With Lava











I am really enjoying Wizard’s playing around with how the non-blue colors deal with card drawing. Green draws based off of their creatures, black has to trade for it and red gets to draw, but with just as much impatience as red does everything else. The difference with Commune, however, is that it’s instant and allows for players to cast the spells they draw until the end of their next turn, which gives them time to untap their mana and make full use of the cards they draw. I wonder how far this will go in terms of giving red a viable form of card draw without looting.

3. Sidisi, Undead Vizier

If you’ve been following the Dragons of Tarkir spoilers, you’ll know that lots of players are going nuts over the new Sidisi. This is for good reason, as she’s an amazing card that really shows off the power of Silumgar’s new mechanic Exploit. Not only is she a great body at 4/6 with Deathtouch for {3BB}, but she also brings with her a copy of demonic tutor. She eats Siege Rhinos for breakfast and at worst is an over costed tutor. At best, she’s a great blocker that also tutors for your best card when you need it most.

2. Narset Transcendent











Another card that I’m sure is going to invade a lot of different formats is the new Narset. She starts with SIX loyalty for four mana! Her +1 isn’t the most amazing thing in the world, but that’s fine with so much starting loyalty. Her second ability is amazingly dumb, allowing for players to essentially duplicate any spell they cast. Her ultimate isn’t amazing either, but it is exactly the kind of emblem a control player wants in the mirror match. Narset is going to bring white/blue control back and it’s going to be glorious.

1. Living Lore

The one card that no one is talking about that I think is going to make waves is Living Lore. It’s a {3B} card that allows you to essentially recast an instant or sorcery from your graveyard for free, while also getting a body to go along with it. Living Lore’s power and toughness are equal to the cards converted mana cost, so it may not be very good in older formats where the best cards players will recast will be between one and four mana, but with delve cards making a return I could see Living Lore being as big as an 8/8 that also lets you recast Treasure Cruise after it goes into the red zone. I know this isn’t going to be the best card in the set, but the dream is very big for a card like Living Lore and I want to see it succeed.


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