Magic The Gathering Changes Block Structure & Standard

Let’s just cut right to the chase, Magic the Gathering is changing its block structure and standard format. This article is not going to even attempt to be as eloquent and thorough as Mark Rosewater’s article that announced these changes, so if you want to get every last detail, please go read his article here.

Essentially, Wizards of the Coast is fed up with their 3rd set problem and is getting rid of the third set of each block altogether. Once these changes go into effect, each block will consist of two sets, one large and one small on average. Because of this change, there will be four blocks being released per year, which, combined with the Magic core set, would put the max number of sets in a year to five. Because of this, Wizards is stopping production on Magic Core sets and instead using the one additional set to replace it. Subsequently, the Standard format will consist of three blocks, instead of two blocks and from one to two core sets.

These changes are not going into affect until after Khans of Tarkir, so don’t get too riled up, but please be aware that Khans of Tarkir will be in Standard for shorter than a normal block would.

Overall, I’m very excited about these changes, as I usually get a little worn out of a block by the third set’s release and I love standard but hate how little the metagame changes after a few months. What do you think? Is this change healthy for Magic the Gathering? Feel free to leave a comment below and or message me on Twitter @pandamanana or on Facebook @pandamanana.


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