Hearthstone’s Best Contribution To Online Gaming

Although Blizzard was simply looking for creating a small Warcraft-themed game for mobile devices, they created a masterpiece that brought a whole new perspective on the classic TCG format. Blizzard fans who never touched a card game before picked up Hearthstone and found the spark that keeps bringing Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yugioh fans back every year. The one thing that Blizzard knows best is how to package their products for a wide market (there’s a reason that World of Warcraft is the 800lb gorilla that it is), but they have also gained a new talent that seemed nigh impossible in this day of internet trolling and scum-baggery. 

Just in case you’ve never played one of the most popular free-to-play games out right now, Hearthstone has one distinct property that most other games lack; players cannot communicate through text or voice during random online match-making. While this may seem like a problem, because it means that players cannot communicate, Blizzard gives their users 6 selected emoticons that can be used to communicate in the most primitive way. What is left out of the Hearthstone experience is the hateful, despicable, racist, homophobic, sexist and otherwise ignorant garbage that is so prevalent in the gaming community.

Thanks you Hearthstone. Hopefully more video game companies will learn from your lessons in how to deal with the scum of the Earth that play so many games online. 


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