Khans of Tarkir New Mechanic – Raid

Yesterday we posted an article about the new mechanic spoiled for Khans of Tarkir called Prowess. Today the new Mardu-Heart-Piercermechanic for the Mardu (White, Black & Red) called Raid has been spoiled. Basically, Raid allows spells to have additional effects as long as a creature you control has attacked this turn. This means that the newly spoiled Mardu Heart-Piercer becomes more than just a 2/3 creature if you play it in your second main-phase after attacking with a creature during the combat phase. This seems to fit both the aesthetic flavor of the Mardu (a.k.a. the Mongol horde) and the strategies of the colors that it encompasses (i.e. white, black and red). Creatures with haste will become much more important if your hand is full of creatures with Raid effects, which is very red. Amassing an army is very white and Raid seems very similar to Innistrad’s Morbid, which was very black. 

As is with the case with Prowess, I am very excited to see how the mechanics from Khans of Tarkir match up against one another. So far, Raid seems like a great fit for the Mardu and a simple but effective mechanic that will compliment the Horde, while also giving new players ample lessons in how the combat and second main phase work. 


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