Growth in the MA Fighting Game Scene

Although the bigger cities, like New York City and Los Angeles, tend to outshine any other fighting game scenes in the United States, Boston and Massachusetts in general are gradually growing to be one of the best East Coast communities. Venues like Game Underground in Framingham, Game King in Fall River and the East End Grille in Somerville host fighting game events for avid fighting game players in Massachusetts and the surrounding area to test their skills against each other. Unlike other pro-gaming communities like those focused on Starcraft 2 or Magic the Gathering, the fighting game community (FGC) tends to be spread out among a series of different games, ranging from the 800 lb gorilla that is Ultra Street Fighter 4 to the most obscure “anime” fighter imported from Japan. The Massachusetts FGC is no different in this regard; an average Game Underground friday ranbats includes tournaments for at least five different games, if not more.


On a more national level, Fighting game players from Massachusetts have also been gaining attention at both East and West coast “majors” (major tournaments with a larger than average crowd). Many skilled players, such as Alex Smith and Lucky D, have represented MA at events like EVO, which is the largest Fighting game event in the world, and East Coast Throwdown (ECT). McPeanuts recently drove to New York City for the monthly Team Stickbug tournament at Next Level Arcade and took first in Skullgirls, beating many of the best players on the east coast.

Needless to say, the Massachusetts Fighting game community still has a lot of room to grow, but with the Massachusetts based Game Underground Tournament Spectacular coming into its third year, the scene has come a long way towards being on the best fighting game communities on the East coast.


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