Motivation & Job Hunting [WIP Blog Post]

I just recently got a new job unpacking trucks at Target and, although my first shift was fine, I learned a lot about myself within those eight hours. First of all, I need to work harder on my Youtube Channel & blog, so that I can get a better job doing either video production or freelance writing. I’m also not very good at finding motivation, but there’s nothing more motivating than lifting heavy boxes for hours, especially when it comes to wanting to get a desk job. My current hurdles include needing to keep making videos and advancing my creative process towards higher quality content, while also writing on this blog to build a portfolio to use as a stepping stone into the freelance writing world. I’m trying my best to stay active on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so as to avoid missing any opportunities brought about by the ‘right-place-in-the-right-time’ factor of networking. I’ve already run into situations where people I’ve met through networking have forwarded me job opportunities, even though none of them have panned out yet. I hear too many stories of people getting amazing jobs (namely my brother) from being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right people to take a chance by not being active on social networks.

My biggest problem right now seems to be having too many ideas and very little clue about how to execute those ideas. I would love to do stand-up comedy, sing, write a book, and travel, but I have no idea how to go about doing any of those things, especially in my current situation. Luckily, this new job has taught me what’s important to me; I love making Youtube videos and writing, so I should do those two things as much as possible, regardless of where my paycheck comes from.


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