Khans of Tarkir SDCC Announcements

San Diego Comic Con is the epicenter for Khans of Tarkir information and spoilers. Here are some of the things we know so far from the Magic The Gathering panel:

  • There are going to be 5 enemy-wedge factions
  • Each faction worships the long dead dragons of Tarkir
  • It’s going to be a Large-Small-Large set structure
  • The story involves time travel of some kind




The Mardu

The Sultai

The Sultai

The Jeskai

The Jeskai

The Abzan

The Abzan

Also, there is one card spoiler. The Khan of the Murda, Zurgo!

BtfoHLbCMAA5ZnLThanks to the NA and JP Magic the Gathering twitter accounts for releasing this information from the SDCC MTG Panel


Although this is all of the information so far, I also decided to make a video about it on my youtube channel


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