New Projects, Jobs & Aspirations

As some of you know, I recently graduated from University and have spent a lot of time over the last two months working on my Youtube channel and writing articles for this blog. Although I’ve been on Youtube for a long time now (since 2006, my first video was released in 2007), I’ve been making pretty similar videos; vlogs, let’s plays and top 10 videos. Recently, I came up with an idea for a video series that would change my entire creative process on Youtube and I’m proud to say that the first video in the series is almost done. Here’s a little screenshot from the video for a sneak peak.


The first thing I did after graduating was assess my own skills, interests and aspirations, because although I need a job, I wouldn’t mind a job that I’m passionate about. One of the things I realized is that I’m really interested in video production, acting, comedy and, of course, talking about video games. What I’m so happy about this new project is that it combines all of these things together, while also being the perfect length for Youtube. In the end the video should be about 20 seconds maximum, but I’ve probably put around eight hours into the video already, which has given me an entirely new perspective on video production, from filming to editing to sound mixing. Hopefully the video should be up on my youtube channel soon, but I still want to polish it up a bit before releasing it into the wild.

[Edit] The video is out now! Check it out over here.


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